Guideline 4-20: Employee Exits

This Exit Packet is to be used when an employee is leaving your department either by resignation or retirement.  The following procedure should be followed to facilitate the departure:

  1. Complete a Personnel Action Request form (PAR) with all pertinent information and the date of departure.  To ensure that all appropriate departments are informed of the departure of an employee, Human Resources should be informed immediately when a supervisor is aware of an anticipated or confirmed departure of an employee.
  2. Attach a resignation/retirement letter to the PAR form and forward to the Human Resources Office.
  3. Complete an Employee Exit Checklist during the last day of employment.  The Employee Exit Checklist will enable the supervisor and the employee to account for and/or return college property.  (If there is no immediate supervisor, the next supervisor in the chain of command will assume the responsibility.)

It will be the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that this form is completed, property collected and turned in, and the form returned to Human Resources.

The Exit Checklist, when completed, signed and returned to Human Resources, will authorize payroll to compile and release the final wages owed.  You may contact the persons listed below to find out what property the employee has been issued.

        IT issued Phones/Pagers – Kyle Castillo x2682
        All other phones - Purchasing x6117
        ITS Issued Laptops – TechSupport x6137
        P-Cards - Susan Riley x6364
        Keys - Jay Morris 281-542-2023

The Confidential Exit Questionnaire should be given to the employee.  While the data on this form may be useful and the employee certainly is encouraged to respond, the completion of this form is optional and may be completed after departure.  The information gained may be used to propose changes needed to encourage other productive employees to remain with the college.  All responses will be used in a confidential manner to bring about a better workplace.