Guideline 5-13: Faculty Educational Requirements: Technical Education

Degree, licensure and certification requirements are listed in Guidelines for Reviewing Credentials of Technical Education Instructors, a district office publication.

For special situations, an employee may be hired with less than the minimum requirements specified above, provided the employee agrees to develop a plan to remove the educational deficiencies by earning a minimum of nine semester credit hours each year, or the actual credit hours if the deficiency is less than nine hours, until the deficiencies are removed.

Coursework which is to be applied to the requirement for continued employment may be accumulated during a fall semester, a spring semester, or during the following summer; however, enrollment in coursework may not interfere with the faculty member's instructional duties or efficiency.

Official transcripts of college work completed must be sent to the Human Resources Office on or before the beginning of the fall semester of each year.

Technical education faculty members who have attained a master's degree may be eligible for a salary increment for coursework completed beyond the master's degree when such coursework is completed in accordance with the provisions of Guideline 4-2: Compensation and Salary Schedule.

Recommendation for Professional Development Certification In Lieu Of A Bachelor's Degree

Pre-approved professional development activities that meet the continued employment requirements of Board Policy IV-D-2: Policy On Educational Requirements: Technical Education may also count toward a "Professional Development Certification" that faculty may be awarded in lieu of earning the bachelor's degree.

Pre-approved professional development activity contact hours may count as equivalent semester hours credit toward the 130 semester hours credit "Professional Development Certification" at the rate of 16 clock hours of professional development being equivalent to one semester hour credit in accordance with the Board of Regent's Policy IV-D-2. This 130 semester hours credit total includes any combination of the following: the total number of hours required for the associates degree; any semester hours credit earned after receiving the associates degree; and any contact hours for any pre-approved professional development activities.

Once a technical faculty member has completed 130 semester hours credit equivalents, he or she may be awarded the "Professional Development Certification" by Human Resources. A faculty member who has received the "Professional Development Certification" is considered to be in full compliance with the continued employment provisions of Policy IV-D-2.

Professional Development Approval Process

Professional development activities completed to be in compliance with Board of Regents Policy IV-D-2 continued educational requirements are subject to the following conditions:

  • The activity must be pre-approved, preferably two weeks in advance.
  • The activity should fall into one of the following categories:
    • Pedagogic,
    • Program specific, or
    • Instructional technology.
  • Completion of the professional development activity form including signatures of department chair, associate dean, and appropriate dean indication pre-approval of the activity.
  • Submission of a flyer, course outline or training announcement that describes the activities that will take place during the professional development activity.
  • A written description of how the training will benefit the instructor's teaching skills, how it applies to the goals of the program, or how it relates to the specific subject matter of the instructor's program.
  • A travel request must be completed and approved prior to attending the professional development activity if the activity is off campus, requires travel funds or is completed during the instructor's normal duty hours.
  • After the activity has been completed, the instructor must submit a certificate for the activity that verifies the number of hours of training. The certificate must include a certifying signature, the dates of attendance and the name of the company/organization or institution providing the training.

Final Approval

The certificate awarded must be submitted to the appropriate dean for final processing. The certificate must be accompanied by a flyer, course outline or training announcement and attached to the Professional Development Activity approval form. In the event a certificate is not awarded for the activity, final approval will be based on information contained in the flyer or course outline. After the appropriate dean has verified completion of the activity and the number of hours to be awarded, the dean is responsible for submitting copies of the documentation to Human Resources.

(Re: Policy IV-D-2; Board of Regents Policy Manual)