Guideline 5-14: Faculty Educational Requirements: Remedial

Instructors teaching remedial level coursework on less than a full-time basis must have at least a bachelor's degree and must have met those requirements pertaining to matters other than degree requirements stated in Board of Regents Policy IV-D-3.

Guidelines for Reviewing Credentials of Remedial Level Instructors

Remedial level coursework is recognized as a teaching field having certain unique characteristics which necessitate a special set of guidelines (See Footnote A). Instructors teaching remedial level coursework on a full-time basis must have a master's degree; instructors teaching remedial coursework on less than a full-time basis must have at least a bachelor's degree. The master's degree or the bachelor's degree must be in a field related to the teaching assignment, in elementary education, in secondary education or in another related field in education, or in any field, provided the degree holder also has an elementary, secondary, all-level or a related teaching certificate from a state (any state). In addition, the instructor must have (a) teaching experience in the classroom with the field relating to the remedial teaching assignment (See Footnote B), or (b) completed graduate training, as approved, in remedial education (See Footnote C). A teaching field "related to the remedial teaching assignment" could include, in the case of reading, courses which include a substantial reading component, such as courses in the behavioral and social sciences. Similar considerations would be applicable with respect to remedial level writing and math.


  • Graduate or undergraduate courses in remedial courses for the college-age student appear to be nonexistent-at least in area universities. Courses that are related directly or indirectly to remediation-when there are such-are designed for the teacher of public school children, and in the main are in the field of reading.
  • Classroom teaching experience could be teaching a class at any level in the same field as the remedial class assignment, or it could be teaching in an elementary school when the teaching responsibilities included in the same area as the remedial class assignment. (An elementary school classroom teacher may have taught reading, writing/English and math.)
  • Graduate training could be either credit or non-credit training, as approved.

(Re: Policy IV-D-3; Board of Regents Policy Manual)