Guideline 5-10: Faculty Transcripts and Certificates

The district Human Resources Office is responsible for all faculty, administrative and staff personnel records of the college district. It is the responsibility of this office to keep all records correctly filed and to conduct periodic checks to see that all folders are current and up to date. When the Human Resources Office finds a record that is not current, a letter will be written to the respective individual requesting the items needed to complete the folder. The failure of an individual, after these requests, to make his or her file current, could lead to a faculty member not being considered for further employment or may result in a proposal for immediate dismissal.

If an employee is required to hold a state license, registry or certificate in order to be qualified as an instructor and lets the license, registry or certificate lapse or expire, the employee will immediately become ineligible for employment and subject to immediate termination.

The other points in this policy are self-explanatory and should be adhered to.

(Re: Policy IV-D-4; Board of Regents Policy Manual)