Procedure 5-5: Contract Recommendations

Board of Regent Policy IV-C-1 addresses the employment of contracted personnel. The Board of Regents may renew or extend a contract, allow any contract to expire by its own terms, choose not to extend an existing contract or choose not to offer further employment. Faculty contract recommendations/renewals are carried to the Board each year in April. Administrative and professional non-faculty contract recommendations are acted on in July.

While faculty are evaluated on a cycle of every other year after the first year of employment, all other contracted employees must have a current performance appraisal prior to any recommendation for contract renewal.

Faculty in their fifth year of employment, in good standing with favorable evaluations, may be recommended for a two year contract. In counting years of service, only contracted employment may be taken into account. (Previous part-time and full-time adjunct employment is not considered.)

Faculty currently serving under a two-year contract are eligible to have another two-year contract. If there are good reasons for no action on a multiple year contract to not extend at this time, the faculty member should be informed of the reasons by the appropriate campus administrator. A current performance evaluation reflecting these reasons should be done.

Consideration of Contingent on Enrollment contract recommendations for faculty should be based only on enrollment trends. This type of contract should be given to the faculty in a department in the order starting with last hired. Likewise, the campus administration should carefully examine faculty that have received a Contingent on Enrollment contract for several years where class enrollment has been consistent.

There is no official recommendation or action required by the Board to allow a contract to expire (non-renewal) at the end of its term. However, employees whose contracts will be allowed to expire must be advised by the appropriate campus administrator, after which the president of the campus must notify the employee in writing. The employee whose contract will be allowed to expire should have prior knowledge that non-renewal was an option and the reason(s) for the non-recommendation.


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 Contract Recommendations



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