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Procedure 5-6: Selection of a Department Chair

When the position of department chair becomes vacant, the following steps may be taken:

  • The VPL will designate the dean who will serve as the hiring manager.
  • All full time department faculty members will be sent a job announcement.
  • With approval of the VPL, the dean may appoint a screening committee to oversee the search process. The dean or screening committee must provide a mechanism for department faculty input either through forums or through interviews. The dean will forward the recommendations to the VPL. The VPL will forward the recommendations to the president for final consideration.
  • If the internal process does not yield a viable candidate and if a faculty vacancy exists, then the position may be advertised externally.


In addition to their base pay, department chairs receive a standard stipend and course releases as approved by the VPL. Course releases provide the department chair with time during the work week to carry out the administrative duties and responsibilities associated with the department chair role. As a rule, department chairs are not generally permitted to teach overloads. Occasional exceptions to this rule may be approved by the VPL and reported to the vice chancellor for learning and student success (VC).

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 Selection of a Department Chair



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