The Foundation

Our Goal is Student Success

The San Jacinto College Foundation was founded in 1996 by East Harris County community members with the mission to ensure that no one be denied a college education due to lack of financial means. Since then, the foundation has expanded its role to include a wide variety of programs and services aimed at supporting San Jacinto College in its number one mission of student success.

The Foundation raises funds through individuals, foundations and corporate partnerships to provide programs, student success grants and student scholarships. Last year, the Foundation awarded nearly 760 scholarships to deserving San Jacinto College students. The Foundation’s major fundraising goals include four initiatives that benefit our students and community.

Our Success

Promise for Their Future Scholarship Fund

Our Challenge: Many students of East Harris County have dreams of achieving an education, but are unable to achieve an education because of lack of funding. Seventy-six percent of the students we serve are disadvantaged. These bright and talented students dream of improving their lives through higher education, but to them it seems an impossible dream.

Our Solution: We help our students realize their potential by providing them with the funds they need to complete their college education. The Foundation opens the doors of opportunity to these students, by initiating the Promise for Their Future scholarship fund to provide talented young people the financial means to attend two years at San Jacinto College. We promise to assist them and they promise to work hard to successfully complete their education.

Our Goal: We need additional funds to complete our endowment goal of raising $1 million for the Promise for Their Future Scholarship Fund.

San Jacinto College Alumni/Ambassador Association

Our Challenge: San Jacinto College Foundation is building lifelong relationships with our alumni and friends to better meet the needs of the communities we serve and encourage financial support for the College, its programs and students.

Our Solution: Grow our alumni/ambassador association by developing partnerships and increase funding.

Our Goal: The Foundation will waive association dues for one year to recent graduates and offer life time charter memberships for $100.00 for alumni and friends of the college.

Honor a Veteran, Help a Veteran Student

Our Challenge: Many veterans returning from the battle zones need extra support as they balance college, family, and work while adjusting to life back at home. We strive to meet the growing needs of our returning veterans, by providing services and emergency funding to help them be successful in their educational goals and in their transition back into civilian life.

Our Solution: We provide Centers of Excellence for Veteran Student Success on each campus to assist our returning veterans, and we honor both past and present veterans of all wars with the purchase of fully tax deductible name plaques on our Wall of Honor. Money raised is used to provide emergency funding for veteran students.

Our Goal: We need patrons for our veterans. We need plaques purchased and donated to current veteran students to fund our Veteran Student Success Fund. Our goal is to honor 50 veterans with plaques each year. Each may be purchased for $250.

Annual Giving for Student Success

Our Challenge: Scholarships are not enough to help our students succeed. We need to provide additional funding for innovative programs that foster better learning and higher course completion rates. Higher completion rates equate to more students joining the workforce as leaders in our communities.

Our Solution: To pay for these innovative programs and other unmet student needs, the Foundation will develop partnerships and increase funding for general needs.

Our Goal: The Foundation will develop partnerships and raise $250,000 to support these initiatives.