Goal 1: Student Success

Goal 2: P-16 Pipeline

Goal 3: Workforce and Economic Development

Goal 4: Our People

San Jacinto College will provide high quality educational programs and support services to students that will increase the opportunity for students to explore, define, and reach their educational and career goals. We are dedicated to addressing the challenges of students, from those in college preparatory courses to those in Honors courses. We will connect our students to the appropriate college resources and support services, along with providing a supportive learning environment based on the commitment of our quality faculty and staff members. We will provide innovative methods of course delivery, teaching practices, and delivery times. Our progress, focused on creating equity and closing achievement gaps for our diverse student body, will be evidenced by data.

Strategy 1:        Institutionalize the Achieving the Dream strategies to improve student persistence and successful completion rates and to
                           reduce achievement gaps among student groups.

Strategy 2:        Become a recognized leader in the quality and availability of alternative delivery offerings.

Strategy 3:        Ensure a supportive and rigorous teaching and learning environment from the classroom experience to an effective array of
                           student support services, including personalized academic and career planning.

Strategy 4         Align courses and curricula through degrees for college preparatory, technical programs, and transfer programs.

Strategy 5:        Maximize participation and success in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs.        

Strategy 6:        Maximize success in college preparatory courses.

San Jacinto College will take an active role in supporting the P-16 (preschool through grade 16) pipeline throughout our service area in an effort to create career and educational pathways thus providing for a sustainable community. We will strive to create seamless transitions among levels and institutions throughout the pipeline and will motivate learners to expand their educational aspirations. We will look for innovative methods and partnerships to facilitate the participation and achievement of the diverse populations of our communities.

Strategy 1:        Lead and strengthen the efforts for a regional P-16 approach.

Strategy 2:        Expand high school partnerships in an effort to create a college-going culture of first-time-in-college students who are
                           academically prepared for rigorous programs of study.

Strategy 3:        Explore and define University Center partnerships and options.

Strategy 4:        Develop and enhance seamless articulations with baccalaureate-granting institutions for associate degree graduates.

San Jacinto College will provide innovative and relevant solutions that strengthen our region’s economy and workforce competitiveness. Our career and technical education programs will respond to employer and employee training needs and will provide pathways for employment opportunities and advancement. We will pursue new training opportunities in the growing areas through active business and industry partnerships.

Strategy 1:        Create Centers of Excellence and develop requisite funding and timelines for implementation.

Strategy 2:        Expand regional partnerships and connections to enhance the breadth and image of workforce training programs with students
                           and employers. 

Strategy 3:        Enhance noncredit/credit career pathways and expand contract training to serve local industry better.

San Jacinto College is committed to recruiting, developing, and retaining quality and diverse employees who are passionate about our educational mission. To meet the needs of our communities, the College requires exceptional levels of performance, achievement, and teamwork. Through a commitment to professional development and learning, the College assists employees in expanding their knowledge, creativity, and capabilities. Each faculty member, staff member, and administrator has a responsibility to be accountable for his or her behaviors and job performance, which requires a system that clearly defines expectations, responsibilities, accomplishments, and recognitions. We are intentional in the development of effective leaders throughout the College; we realize they are the foundation for the college’s innovated responses to challenges and opportunities.

Strategy 1:        Create a culture that embraces change readiness, high performance, teamwork, and increased individual and organizational

Strategy 2:        Build an agile organization to ensure successful execution of the College’s strategic plan.

Strategy 3:        Create a learning organization to build competitive advantage through long-term opportunities for development and advancement
                           within the College.

Strategy 4:        Implement meaningful recognition, reward, and benefit programs that support the highest level of affiliation by employees to
                           the College.

Strategy 5:        Attract, select, and retain high-performing and diverse talent.