Shah, Ghanshyam C

Instrumentation Technology


  • Master's Degree - Univ of Houston Clear Lake
  • Master's Degree - Computer Science Univ of Houston Clear Lake


  • Related Experience: 22 yrs and 6 mos of experience in safety, environmental, and industrial hygiene management for Atofina Petrochemical, Inc.
  • Related Experience: 3 yrs of experience in plant operations and safety for Oxirane (Arco).
  • Related Experience: 5 yrs of experience in trouble shooting, plant operations, and safety for American of Anamid.
  • Related Experience: Board Certified Safety Professional ¿ Serial No. 16927, Board Certified Industrial Hygienist ¿ Certificate No. 8073 CP, and Licensed Professional Engineer ¿ Serial No. 84812.
  • Graduate Course: MATH 3013 Linear Algebra
  • Graduate Course: MATH 5231 Advanced Linear Algebra
  • Graduate Course: MATH 5333 Numerical Analysis
  • Graduate Course: MATH 5939 Prob: Number Theory
  • Graduate Course: PROC 3132 Linear Integrated Circuits
  • Graduate Course: PROC 5231 Mathematics for Control Syst
  • Certification: Distance Learning