Easy Application: An Amazingly Simple Process


Because there are so many types of financial aid, all with their own set of rules, you might think that applying is a complicated process. Not so. Applying for and receiving aid all breaks down into these very simple steps:



At the same time you complete an admission application with San Jac, request that your transcripts (high school or prior college) or GED record be mailed to our Enrollment Services office for evaluation.

If you’re coming to San Jac as a transfer student, you must have a transcript from each college or university you attended, including foreign schools, on file in the Enrollment Services Office. You’ll also want to make sure the office has evaluated the transcripts. So stop by after you’ve applied for admission. We’ll make sure you have everything in order.

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The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be completed and submitted online. You’ll need the San Jacinto College school code, 003609, and a personal identification number (PIN) to sign your application online. Please note, you must complete a new FAFSA for each school year. The school year begins with the fall semester and ends with the summer semester.

Gather Documents
Get a PIN
Fill out the FAFSA

We may need copies of your tax return transcripts or other official documents to complete the process. If requested, be sure to respond promptly. Please visit our Forms Menu for a complete listing of documents. Please note, if you are submitting documents during peak periods (such as registration) processing time on your file may take 3-5 weeks.

We need to know if you’re getting aid from other sources such as the GI Bill, veteran benefits or scholarships and grants not awarded by SanJac.

Notify us by calling 281-998-6150

When you receive your award notification, review all instructions carefully. You may also review your award online through SOS. If you need additional funding, we have other sources available. So just ask.

Questions? Call: 281-998-6150