Culinary/Restaurant Management

Culinary/Restaurant Management

Culinary/Restaurant Management

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Explore the Culinary Arts

Culinary artists are higher in the public consciousness than ever before with entire television networks, websites and celebrity franchises dedicated to feeding the public’s affection for the culinary arts. It is a profession known for being challenging and high-energy – attributes that likely attracted you to exploring it as a career option.


Get Your Start in the Restaurant Industry

Our certificate and associate’s degree programs allow you to work within the industry while you build your education. You will receive basic training toward becoming a cook or apprentice chef. This includes food and beverage composition and preparation, use and maintenance of equipment, and supervisory skills. If your ambitions are more specific, you can also choose to specialize as an Assistant Cook, Baker or Baker’s Helper, or in Basic Cooking or Specialty Foods.


Become a Certified Culinarian

The San Jacinto College Culinary Arts Chef Training and Restaurant Management programs are certified by the American Culinary Federation, one of the most prestigious honors that a culinary program can obtain. Our goal is to provide the highest level of instruction to give students knowledge, skills and behaviors needed to transition into the next level of education or a beneficial career in the ever-growing hospitality industry. The accreditation received from the American Culinary Federation Educational Foundation allows us to adhere to the standards set forth by today's leading chefs and restaurant operators and lets students graduate with the official title of Certified Culinarian.


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