Engineering Design Graphics (Drafting)

Engineering Design Graphics (Drafting)

Engineering Design Graphics (Drafting)

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Design Your Future in a High-Demand Field


The most successful projects start with a good plan. For architectural drafters, engineering designers, CAD drafters and builders, that plan comes in the form of working drawings produced by technically talented and well-trained individuals. If you have a desire to express your knowledge through computer aided design software, San Jacinto College can give you the skills you need to make your way in this exciting field. This degree allows you to pursue careers that strike a satisfying balance between creativity, technical proficiency and attention to detail. You can make yourself an indispensable asset in a variety of fields such as architecture, manufacturing, engineering, construction and government with a degree in Engineering Design Graphics.

Read more about the San Jacinto College EDG program in the Houston Chronicle.

Learn All the Aspects of Engineering Design Graphics

Engineering design graphics is a technical field where engineering data is communicated through drawings and three-dimensional models. Drafters translate the ideas of engineers and architects from rough sketches, design layouts, specifications and calculations into working drawings, maps, plans, illustrations and 3D models which are used in producing marketable products. They are trained in Computer Aided Drafting, design and 3D modeling software in the fields of mechanical, petro-industrial, architectural/civil/structural, and technical illustration. They make mathematical calculations related to the above fields using algebra, trigonometry, plane and solid geometry, applied mechanics, and basic physics.

The engineering design graphics (EDG) department provides several certificate levels and AAS degree options. Working with local industry, courses have been clustered into specialty disciplines which provide concentration in specific areas of study. These include architectural/civil/structural, mechanical, petro-industrial, and technical animation/3D modeler.

Find a Job in a Fast-Growing Industry

If you are looking for an exciting career path with a lot of opportunities for a small financial and time investment, engineering design graphics at San Jacinto College is for you.

Oil and gas extraction industries are in the midst of a remarkable jobs surge. This has created an abundance of employment opportunities in the Houston area for drafters with a petro-industrial or mechanical background.

Growth in oil and gas production has impacted other areas of the Texas economy as well. There has been an increase in manufacturing, bio-medical engineering, real estate construction, road construction and transportation services, just to name a few, all of which rely on teams of drafters and engineers.



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