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A Foundation in Math Opens Many Doors

Mathematics is fundamental to many fields of study and professions – everything from auto repair to astrophysics uses mathematics. If you are planning a career in engineering, one of the sciences, information technology, business, finance, medicine, industry or education, a strong mathematics background can be your ladder to success.

At San Jacinto College, we have small classes taught by experienced professors who are dedicated to our students' mastery of mathematics. Upon graduation, you will be ready for entry into a wide variety of four-year degree programs or for immediate entry into one of many technical fields.

Classes Taught at North Campus

0106 - Intermediate Algebra (NCBO)
0305 - Introductory Algebra
0306 - Intermediate Algebra
0314 - Algebraic Foundations
1314 - College Algebra
1324 - Math for Business and Social Sciences I
1325 - Math for Business and Social Sciences II
1332 - Contemporary Mathematics I
1333 - Contemporary Math for Technical Programs
1342 - Elementary Statistical Models
1350 - Fundamentals of Mathematics I
1351 - Fundamentals of Mathematics II
2318 - Linear Algebra
2320 - Differential Equations
2412 - Pre-Calculus Math
2413 - Calculus I
2414 - Calculus II
2415 - Calculus III


Contact Information

Contact Info: 
Ryan Martinets, Chair - Central Campus
281-998-6150 x 1019
Tim Bell, Chair - North Campus
281-998-6150 x 7392
Regan Boudra, Chair - South Campus
281-998-6150 x 3427

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