Texas Public Education Grants (TPEG)


TPEG puts the adult learner on a fast track to an entry-level career in a variety of occupations:  Healthcare, Business, Applied Technologies and Trades, and Computers/IT. 


Health Occupations:

•         Certified Nurse Aide (click here)

•         Medical Office Professional (click here)



•         Payroll Specialist (click here)


Applied Technologies:

•         Commercial Truck Driving (click here)


Computers and IT:

•         Digital Literacy/ IC3 Certification (Microsoft Office, Email and Internet) (click here)


Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis for the fall and spring semesters. For most programs, the grant covers the entire cost of tuition. Students may be responsible for purchasing books and/or supplies.


Basic eligibility includes: 


1.      A demonstrated financial need.

2.      Must meet state residency requirements (12 months).

3.      Social Security number.

4.      Not be  in default status of a student loan, or have prior balance due to the college


In addition, individual training programs may require specific prerequisites such as: High School diploma/GED, negative TB screening, and/or a background check.


Required Application and Documentation

To apply, candidates must complete the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) and provide a 2012 Tax Return Transcript issued by the IRS, and copies of W-2s.

·         TASFA Application (click here)

•         TASFA Instructions (click here)

•         How to Order an IRS Tax Return Transcript 


For information, please refer to the flyer or call the TPEG Hotline at 281-478-3636.