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Recreation and Sports

*Each class has a minimum required enrollment. Once that minimum is reached, the class is a “MAKE.” Find a class you like, encourage a friend to join you! Sometimes two or three people can make a difference between having a “Go” and having a course cancelled. Please register at least 7 days prior to class start date.*

*Martial Arts

A fun way to learn this non-competitive, non-aggressive, self defense. Japanese Martial Art. this multi-level course will be open to beginners as well as advanced students. Warm-up exercises, throws and pins, basic Aikido history, theory, and tradition are taught. Emphasis is on movement, stress control, and self-defense. By redirecting an attacker's strength and momentum, even a smaller person can effectively deal with a much larger person's aggression.

*Advanced Martial Arts

A continuation of the Aikido Introductory class. Students that practice Aikido learn how to defend themselves without hurting others.

Golf Beginning

Basic skills and strokes are stressed. Includes rules and etiquette of the game. Students must bring their own clubs and a few golf balls. Additional money will also be needed for purchase of golf balls at a driving range where some of the instruction will be conducted. First class meeting will be on campus; subsequent meetings at a driving range.

Golf Intermediate

Attentions is given to proper stance, grip, swing, and game process. Supervised help in developing control and accuracy. Students must bring their own golf clubs and a few golf balls. additional money will also be needed for purchase of balls at a driving range where some of the instruction will be conducted. First class meeting will be on campus; subsequent meetings at a driving range.

Golf Flyer

*Beginning Tennis

This course introduces students to beginning skills and strategies in tennis. Lecture topics include history, rules, strategy (both singles and doubles), etiquette, proper care and selection of equipment, and proper time.

*Advanced Tennis

Emphasis is on instruction of advanced techniques, development of a variety of strokes, singles and doubles strategy in game situations and USTA tournament rules and procedures.


This course introduces the student to the rules, terms, safety, basic skills and strategies necessary to play racquetball.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient system for maintaining well-being. Sifu Rich McKay offers instruction in the popular Yang style short form. The classes will include an explanation of the martial aspects of the art and instruction in chi kung and easy exercises that promote feelings of energy and relaxation. For more information please click on the flyer below.

Tai Chi flyer

Chi Kung

Chi Kung is a traditional Chinese exercise system that uses slow, rhythmic movement, deep breathing and meditative visualization to help its practitioners relax. Chi Kung is not physically demanding, but students should be at lest capable of slow movement, standing, and sitting on the floor. They should wear comfortable clothes.

Chi Kung Flyer

*Kickboxing for Fitness

Kickboxing is a fitness program designed to improve muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance through constant motion and repetition using martial arts techniques.

*Weight Training

Lectures, demonstrations and practice in the basic skills and techniques of weight training.


Linked courses are held in conjunction with academic ones, which allows more variety and a wider range of courses that are offered each semester.  Please refer to our course list for more information.

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