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With work, family, and chores, who has time for themselves? You do! Our classes are designed with your busy schedule in mind.

If you have a hobby, a special interest, a subject you’ve always wanted to learn more about, chances are you can explore it here at sanjac. We have a full range of non-credit continuing education courses that you can take as you please. Learn to converse in a new language before your next vacation. Take those ballroom dancing lessons you’ve always wanted. Sharpen your investment and finance skills. Improve your tennis game, explore fine art photography or learn Aikido.

All told, we offer more than 150 ways to exercise your mind, body, and soul, make new friends, and see the world around you in a slightly different way. New classes start weekly.

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*Each class has a minimum required enrollment. Once that minimum is reached, the class is a “MAKE.” Find a class you like, encourage a friend to join you! Sometimes two or three people can make a difference between having a “Go” and having a course cancelled. Please register at least 7 days prior to class start date.*

For more information contact the Registration Office:  281-542-2020 or Rachel Tompkins, Program Manager for Life Long Learning at 281-478-3634.


For 55 and Older - 10% discount for selected classes!

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Adult Learning Institute discount for students age 55 and up!
10% off select classes! Choose from the following courses:
•Country Western and Ballroom Social Dance Classes
•Golf – Beginning and Intermediate
•Watercolor I
•Retirement Planning Today
•Scrapbooking Sessions 1-5
•Drawing I
Are you ready to learn a new skill or hobby and make new friends?
Just register at any CPD registration office on Central, North, or South campus and show proof of age to receive your discount!
Looking for other areas of interest? Contact us for information on upcoming classes and give us your wish list!
Call 281.542.2020

Certificate Programs

Wilton Cake Decorating - Certificate Program

Wilton Cake Decorating Basics - Wilton Course I (8 hrs) - $49

Wilton Flowers and Cake Design - Wilton Course II (8 hrs) - $49

Wilton Gum Paste and Fondant - Wilton Course III (8 hrs) - $49

Wilton Flowers and Gum Paste- Wilton Course IV (8 hrs) - $49

Advanced Cake Design (8 hrs) - $50

Fondant Making Workshop (2 hrs) - $39

Jewelry - Certificate Program

Beaded Jewelry - Certificate (3 hrs) - $30

Spiral Jewelry - Certificate (4 hrs) - $50

Dance - Certificate Program

Ballroom Dance - Certificate (6 hrs) - $80; Spring 2014 Special $49

Country & Western Dance - Certificate (6 hrs) - $80; Spring 2014 Special $49

Belly Dance I - Certificate (12 hrs) - $80

Belly Dance II - Certificate (12 hrs) - $80

Golf - Certificate Program

Golf Beginning - Certificate (8 hrs) - $70

Golf Intermediate - Certificate (8 hrs) - $70

Scrapbooking - Certificate Program

The Basics of Scrapbooking (2 hrs) - $20

Page Elements and Design (2 hrs) - $20

Telling the Story (2 hrs) - $20

Exciting Embellishments (2 hrs) - $20

Bring on the Bling (2 hrs) - $20

Scuba Diving - Certificate Program

PADI Open Water Scuba Diving (26 hrs) - $300


Rachel Tompkins, Program Manager: 281-478-3634

Registration Office:  281-542-2020