2012 Annual Fire Safety Report

2012 Annual Fire Safety Report

The San Jacinto College Police Department is responsible for the Annual Fire Safety Report. The following San Jacinto College Annual Fire Report discloses all information required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA)\Clery Act as it relates to any on-campus student housing fire\fire alarm statistical information for the year of 2011.

The Annual Fire Safety Report can be found at the San Jacinto College Police Department, located at 8060 Spencer Highway, Pasadena Texas 77505, or on its website, http://www.sanjac.edu/police, or by calling (281) 476-1820.

Higher Education Opportunity Act Annual Fire Safety Report

The Clery Act and its accompanying regulations have established new requirements for colleges in the area of fire safety and reporting. All Title IV eligible institutions that participate in Title IV programs and maintain on-campus student housing facilities are required to publish an annual fire safety report that outlines the fires safety systems, policies, practices, and statistics of the college as follows:

  • Colleges must report only those fires that occur within an on-campus student housing facility.
  • Colleges may not simply report all fires that occur anywhere on campus.
  • Colleges must report on the number of fires (if any) that occur in the on-campus student housing facility, the number of injuries and deaths from such fires (including someone who dies within a year from injuries sustained in a campus fire), and the value of fire-related property damage.
  • Department of Education (DOE) regulations and commentary indicate that both the Clery Annual Safety Report (ASR) and the Annual Fire Report can be distributed to the campus community in a single document, or in separate documents. If reported separately each report must contain information on how to directly access the other.

The Campus Security Act - Legal Requirements

New regulations in the Clery Act states that beginning Oct. 1, 2010, an institution that maintains any on-campus student housing facility must prepare an annual fire safety report that contains, at a minimum, the following information:

Fire statistics for each on-campus student housing facility, for the three most recent calendar years for which data are available.

  • A description of each on-campus student housing facility fire safety system.
  • The number of fire drills held during the previous calendar year.
  • Institution’s policy on portable electrical appliances, smoking, & open flames in a student housing facility.
  • The institution’s procedures for student housing evacuation in the case of a fire.
  • The policies regarding fire safety education and training programs provided to the students and employees. In these policies, the institution must describe the procedures that students and employees should follow in the case of a fire.
  • For purposes of including a fire in the statistics in the annual fire safety report, a list of the titles of each person or organization to which students and employees should report that a fire occurred.
  • Plans for future improvements in fire safety, if determined necessary by the institution.
  • Maintain a written, easily understood fire log that records, by the date that the fire was reported, any fire that occurred in an on-campus student housing facility. This log must include the nature, date, time, and general location of each fire.


San Jacinto College maintains a fire log. The Fire Log table below (Figure-1) is designed to contain a compilation of actual fire/fire alarm statistics for each calendar year (should any exist) for San Jacinto College on-campus student housing. The Fire Log table is designed to include statistics outlining the number of actual fires and the cause of each actual fire, the number of injuries and deaths related to actual fires and the value of property damage related to actual fires for San Jacinto college on-campus student housing (should any exist).

For a fire to be reportable, per the Higher Education Opportunity Act\Clery Act, it must be an actual fire, and it must meet the federal definition of a fire. The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) regulations define fire as “any instance of open flame or other burning in a place not intended to contain the burning or in an uncontrolled manner.”


San Jacinto College has a total of one (1) on-campus student housing facility located at 8060 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, Texas 77505:

Athletic Housing – the on-campus student housing facility is equipped with an automatic alarm system, strobe lights, and heat and\or smoke detectors. The San Jacinto College on-campus student housing facility fire alarm system is in compliance with the current regulatory requirements. The San Jacinto College on-campus student housing facility is equipped with two fire extinguishers and two fire alarms located in the common areas. All fire extinguishers are inspected on an annual basis by a certified contractor.


(Figure 1. – is for San Jacinto College on-campus student housing only and does not include fire log information for other San Jacinto College campus buildings/facilities).

Date Year 2010 Year 2011
Location None reported None reported
Type/Cause None reported None reported
Number of related injuries resulting in
treatment at a medical facility
None reported None reported
Related deaths None reported None reported
Property damage None reported None reported
Value of damaged property None reported None reported



(Figure 2. – is for San Jacinto College on-campus student housing only and does not include fire log information for other San Jacinto College campus buildings/facilities).

Date Year 2010 Year 2011
Sprinkler or Fire Suppression System (Yes/No) No No
Heat and/or Smoke Detector (Yes/No) Yes Yes
Fire Alarm (Yes/No) Yes Yes
Strobe Lights (Yes/No) Yes Yes
Number of Mandatory Supervised Fire Drills each year 0 0
Students trained to evacuate Bldg./
Meet at assembly areas (Yes/No)
No No


For the years 2010 and 2011, San Jacinto College did not conduct a mandatory supervised fire drill in its on-campus student housing facility, but there will be a mandatory fire drill conducted in 2012, which will ensure that new employees and students are familiar with the fire safety policies of the College.


When the San Jacinto College on-campus athletic housing facility fire alarms are activated, the residents are to exit the nearest exit, and assemble away from the building in alarm, upwind of any fire and away from any emergency crews, to pre-determined assembly areas. Assembly areas are subject to change, however, depending on the circumstances related to the fire. San Jacinto College on-campus athletic housing facility residents are required to immediately evacuate the student housing facility that is in alarm.


  • Keep aisles and corridors clear to permit evacuation.
  • Do not use elevators in case of fire. Evacuate via the stairs or assigned evacuation routes.
  • Do not store items in exit corridors.


The following instructions are meant to be followed in the event a San Jacinto College on-campus housing facility resident(s) discovers a fire:

  • If a fire is noticed, leave the hazard area. Do not risk your life by remaining in the unsafe building.
  • Only use a portable fire extinguisher to control a small fire or assist yourself or someone else to evacuate the area. Do not risk your life by remaining in the unsafe building.
  • Remember, not all fire extinguishers are effective on all types of fires; so do not try to extinguish the fire unless you have been properly trained. Do not risk your life by remaining in the unsafe building.
  • Do not fight the fire if it is already beginning to spread beyond the location where it started – you should not attempt to extinguish a fire with your back to an exit, or if a fire can block your only exit. Do not risk your life by remaining in the unsafe building.
  • On the way out of the building, pull a fire alarm system pull station (if one is easily located, and does not place you in danger). It may be necessary to break the glass or raise the pull station cover in order to pull the alarm. Do not risk a life by remaining in the unsafe building.
  • When an alarm sounds, occupants of the building are notified of a fire hazard and should evacuate the building. Do not risk a life by remaining in the unsafe building.


San Jacinto College on-campus student housing supervised fire drills are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Was the total time to respond to the alarm and to exit building done so in a timely manner?
  • Did police/fire departments arrive in a timely manner?
  • Did all persons exit in a safe and orderly fashion?
  • Did all persons assemble at the designated evacuation area away from the building?
  • Were interior doors and exit doors properly shut?
  • Did all alarms and emergency lights work properly?


If you discover a fire, activate the building evacuation fire alarm and call 911 to reach the Pasadena Fire Department, and the Pasadena Police Dispatch center is (713) 477-1221.

All students housed in a San Jacinto College residence facility, upon hearing the evacuation alarm, should proceed to the nearest exit and leave the building. If the exit is blocked, tenants may use the outside window ledges. Fire extinguishers and hoses are located in hallways for protection of your life and property. Flammable liquids, such as gasoline and hazardous materials and items, are not to be brought into the rooms and apartments. Candles, incense, toaster ovens, hot plates, crock pots, space heaters and other open element\open flame\coil appliances are strictly prohibited.

One of each of the following are the only electrical appliances allowed in your room: radio, small stereo, television, computer, hand-held hair dryer, clock, and microwave oven. Wires should not be placed across floors or in front of entrances. The use of multiple electrical adapters, extension cords and overloading of circuits is prohibited. Power strips, limited to one per electrical outlet, are acceptable but are not to be plugged into each other. Air conditioner vents should not be blocked. Hallways, stairwells, laundry rooms and exits are to be kept clear of items at all times. Tampering with fire equipment is prohibited.

Tenants shall not disconnect or intentionally damage-a smoke detector or remove the battery from a smoke detector without immediately replacing it with a working battery. Students who violate San Jacinto College housing policies and procedures will be reported to the Dean of Students.


In accordance with San Jacinto College’s smoke free policy, for health and safety reasons, smoking is prohibited in all San Jacinto College buildings. San Jacinto College is a smoke free campus. The San Jacinto College non-smoking policy is communicated and enforced throughout all buildings.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

The San Jacinto College Community District is committed to assisting all members of the SJC community in providing for their own safety and security. The annual security compliance document is available on the San Jac Police Department website.

A hard copy of the San Jacinto College Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available for review at each of the three campus police departments.

Central Campus
W.M. Newton Student Center
8060 Spencer Highway
Pasadena, Texas 77505

North Campus
Slovacek Student Center
5800 Uvalde Road
Houston, Texas 77049

South Campus
J.D. Bruce Student Center
13735 Beamer Road
Houston, Texas 7708

The website and report contain information regarding campus security and personal safety, including topics such as: crime prevention; College police law enforcement authority; crime reporting policies; disciplinary procedures; and other matters of importance related to security on our campuses. They also contain information about crime statistics for the three previous calendar years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus; in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by San Jacinto College; and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from, the campuses.

This information is required by law and is provided by the San Jacinto College Police Department.