Transfering from SanJac

Planning for further studies?

San Jacinto College offers a range of programs and services to help you prepare to transfer to a university to pursue a four year degree after finishing your studies here. If you plan to transfer to a university, we have formal agreements with a number of universities that make it easier for our students to transfer.

Your first step should be to contact a San Jac Educational Planner and Counselor to discuss your education and career goals. Our Educational Planners will help you select courses at San Jac that meet the requirements of the degree you plan to pursue at the university you plan to trasnfer to. They will also help you address admissions requirements, transfer eligibility, and financial aid issues related to your future educational plans. We also recommend that you speak with an advisor or counselor at the university you plan to transfer to, to get a jump start and make sure you're on track before you arrive.

Before you meet with a San Jac Educational Planner and Counselor, we suggest that you explore the formal agreements the College has with the universities below to understand the options you may have for continuing your education. Each page below provides specific details about our transfer agreement with the institution and additional sources of information regarding transferring to the institution.